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The Edward Group believes in our clients and what they do.  Because what they do makes a difference. Below you will see some of the achievements and sacrifices of our clients over the years, which we discovered either via a conversation, the Internet, emails, newspapers, trade journals or magazines. The Edward Group is grateful to have fine people like these not only as our clients but as a neighbor, friend, community leader, little league coach, volunteer, a great citizen and as a person of quality and substance. Every effort or achievement is wonderful. Their sacrifices and efforts make this a better world. It inspires me and I hope it inspires you...
Here's to making a difference.


John and Gayle Edward Involved thru gardening.  Fun Hard Work pays off in more ways than one.
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Why don't we start with John Edward. As mentioned on his biography page, John is involved with the Albuquerque Reads program. This is a joint effort between the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce and the Albuquerque Public Schools to teach reading skills to kindergarten students. Here's John working as a volunteer tutor with a couple of kindergarten students.

John tutoring students to read.
John tutoring students to read.

John also ran for the APS School Board, unfortunately he did not win.


John Edward, owner and broker for The Edward Group, an insurance and real estate brokerage company located in ABQ, NM, is making a very generous contribution of giving over 200 books to Kindergarten age children at two APS schools to help promote and encourage reading and literacy for the youth of Albuquerque.

Mr. Edward, has been a volunteer for 3 years as a ABQ Reads Tutor, at Wherry Elementary School.  He tutors Kindergarten children, in the hopes that their early exposure to reading and literacy will help ensure their futures will be full of opportunity and promise.

This year however, he is taking his efforts one step further.  Mr. Edward is purchasing books for every Kindergarten age child at Wherry and Bandolier Elementary Schools.  This amounts to over 200 books. 

Many of the homes from which these children come from, may not have a single book.  Each child having something to read in the summer alone or with an adult is an important step between now and August when they return to school as 1st Graders.

The gifted books entitled “Giraffes Can’t Dance”, is a colorful story about overcoming what other people may say you can’t do.  Mr. Edward believes that trying and overcoming obstacles is also a great lesson to know and learn.  He hopes that not only will the children become excited about reading, but that they will also see that when they try there are no limits in life.

The Edward Group, while not the largest company in town is one with a heart and vision.  Mr. Edward, who also ran for the School Board in 2007, knows the quality of our future and the future of these children is not only their ability to read, but their thirst for learning.

 Mr. Edward hopes that his gift, will help in more than just growing life long learners, but that other people and businesses in the community will also take a step towards helping children become all they can dream to be. 

Next year Mr. Edward hopes that he can add an additional school to his list and that every child will one day be certain to have a book to read on lazy summer days.  So that more children will have a chance to develop the reading skills they need to be anything they dream to be.


This is Greg Sanchez from Sanchez Dental Associates, LTD P.A. down in Guatemala doing charity dental work for the local people. Here's what he wrote me about his work...

I want to thank all of you for supporting me and my team to go to Guatemala and help the poor of the poor. It was a big success. We helped a lot of people there. Our entire group saw about 1300 patient from dental, pediatric, General Med to GYN. As far as the dental group we saw about 250 patients in 3.5 days and removed over 700 teeth. It was difficult emotionally and physically. Most of the people had horrible decay and multiple abscessed teeth. It was a blessing to get the cysts and infections out. I only feel bad that we could not do more for them.  I had a very difficult time removing savable teeth.  I removed the four front teeth of a beautiful 18 year old girl---they just needed fillings here in the US. I felt sick to my stomach and cried. No other option. Over all we did a lot of good and I plan to go back next year. Here are a few photos from the trip and thanks again for the support... people are better because of you.

Greg at work.
A great group doing great work
Having fun with the local Police.
The local townspeople lining up to be seen.


Tony F. Ortiz, Attorney at Law with CASTILLE & ORTIZ, LLC and his wife Ann Ortiz volunteer for the Catholic Church in Santa Fe as pre-Cana teachers for couples preparing for marriage.  This work involves conducting seminars, as well as couple-to-couple work, to prepare engaged couples for the inevitable changes and adjustments that come with marriage in areas such as family, time commitments, worship, finances, children, and priorities.  The goal of the program is to focus couples on the commitment, and indirectly, to help stabilize and assist families.


Abinash and Shalini

Abinash and Shalini, Rhythm For A Reason, are grass roots leaders in instilling volunteerism and charitable giving through their efforts.  They created Rhythm For A Reason to ignite the spirit of giving in young professionals.   We applaud them in their efforts and Albuquerque is lucky to have them. 
See more by visiting their web site here.


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